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Cloud Service Agreement

14.12. Mandatory arbitration. Any controversy or request arising from the agreement, including a violation of the agreement, is determined by a final and binding arbitration managed by JAMS as part of its diffused arbitration rules and procedures (“Streamlined Rules”). The arbitrator`s award is final, unverifiable and not likely to be challenged and binding on the parties, and can be registered and enforced in any competent court. Within twenty (20) days of the defendant`s receipt of the arbitration application ordered by JAMS in accordance with the Streamlined Rules or late to it, it is agreed to an arbitrator agreed by the parties who has extensive experience in resolving disputes related to similar products or services. The place of arbitration is harris County, Texas. The arbitrator is not entitled to award punitive, consecutive, winding-up or other damages that the agreement forsanous, rejects or otherwise prohibits, and the award of arbitration cannot exceed the liability limit set out in the agreement. None of the contracting parties has the right to act as a class member or to participate as a class member in any controversy or arbitration claim arising from the agreement (including a violation of the agreement) or in connection with the agreement. 2.1.

This data processing supplement applies only to the extent that data protection legislation applies to products and services provided in accordance with the agreement. To the extent that data protection legislation applies, this addition is part of the terms of the contract and is included. 1.26 “Service level” refers to any level of service for a product set in a schedule for such a product. Once the reserved volume limits are reached (z.B memory) or you need additional functionality, you need to decide if you want to update to a more expensive Circuit service plan and which circuit user needs to be converted. You cannot downgrade Circuit Users to a service package at a lower level. b) Free Service Package Subscription With free service packages, Unify offers a service package with limited functionality that can be used for free. More information can be found in the FREE provisions in the ToS. Once you opt for a paid subscription, you need to update all Circuit users you want to keep to the service plan you choose. Circuit users who have been added to an UNdover service plan will be removed from your Tenancy Circuit, including their circuit user data. SAP provides cloud service consistently for all customers.

Learn more about product-specific conditions, support policy and cloud service readiness. The Terms and Conditions of Sale (CGV) document outlines the main legal requirements for the chosen cloud service, including user rights, customer data, warranties, confidentiality and liability limitations. 2.3 Unify may charge you separately for all services, items or functions that are outside the scope of the Schedule – Product and Service Description (PSD). In these cases, Unify`s current list prices apply to these services or objects or features. If these benefits are billed on the basis of time/material, they are calculated on the basis of working time, travel and waiting time. When hourly or monthly rates are charged, each hour or month started is charged with a proportional billing rate. Supplements are charged for services provided outside of Unify`s normal working hours. Unify may also charge you ancillary fees, for example.B. travel and accommodation costs.

You can ask unify, at any time before ordering additional services, current list prices and working hours applicable to your location.

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