Non-Disparagement Agreement Pdf

Given the _______________z.B “local,” “regional,” “federal” or “global”) nature of the company`s activity, it was agreed that the above restrictions will apply in the “previous geographical characterization`, the inclusion of the name of the city or state concerned] and the geographic regions in which the employee worked during his or her business and for which he was responsible. and any other geographic area (country, province, state, city or other political sub-divisions) in which the company operates or develops plans, business activities or any other sale of goods or services when the employee has left the business. [Note: If you use this contract in California, delete the last paragraph because California does not allow competition contracts after the employee has stopped working for the company]14. Assistance in the event of a dispute. The worker provides the company, after an appropriate announcement, with the appropriate information and assistance that it can reasonably request with respect to disputes in which it is or may become a party during or after employment.15 Effects of previous agreements. This agreement replaces any prior agreement between the company or a predecessor of the company and the employee, except that this agreement has no bearing on or to work in order to reduce the benefits or allowances granted to the employee by another agency that are not expressly provided for in this agreement.16 Arbitration and jurisdiction. Subject to the exceptions below, the company and staff agree:a) conciliation agreement. Any controversy or claim arising from or related to this agreement is governed by an arbitration procedure managed by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its arbitration and mediation procedures, and the judgment on the arbitrator`s arbitration award may be registered in any court with jurisdiction in this matter. Each arbitration procedure is found in exclusive claims. Any request for omission under paragraphs 6, 7 and 13 may be referred to a state or federal court in applicable law, jurisdiction and jurisdiction.

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