Point Of Sale Service Agreement

Another consideration is that a cloud-based POS system effectively makes business data available to service providers – the hosting services company and the pos that have access to the application and database. The importance of ensuring critical business information such as supplier names, best-selling items, customer relations processes, should not be underestimated, as sometimes the few important factors of a company`s success or business secrets are actually accessible via the POS system. This data security and protection issue is an ongoing problem in cloud computing. Point-of-sale systems have revolutionized gastronomy, especially in the fast food sector. In the latest technologies, registers are computers, sometimes with touch screens. The registers connect to a server often called a “storage controller” or “central control unit.” Printers and monitors are also on the network. In addition, remote servers can connect to storage networks and monitor distribution data and other storage data. This becomes even more complicated when there is an affiliate system that requires an update on both sides of the points of connection between the outlets and the back-end administrative computer. As far as databases are concerned, POS systems are very demanding on their performance because of the many submissions and data recoveries – required for the correct sequencing of the receipt number, verification of different discounts, membership, intertal calculation, as well – just to process a single sales transaction. The immediacy of the system at the sales window, as seen in a supermarket checkout, cannot be compromised either. This focuses on individual corporate databases, if only tens of thousands of sales records are in the database. The Microsoft SQL Server enterprise database, for example, is known to freeze completely for many minutes (including the operating system) under conditions that display a “Timeout” error message. Even a lighter database like Microsoft Access will slow down reforestation over time if the problem of database swelling is not predicted and managed automatically by the system.

Therefore, the need for extensive testing, debugging and improvisation of solutions to submit a failure to a database before commercialization complicates development. One of the first microprocessor-controlled cash systems was built in 1974 by William Brobeck and Associates for McDonald`s restaurants. [6] He used the Intel 8008, a very early microprocessor (and precursor of the Intel 8088 processor used in the original personal ibm computer). Each station in the restaurant had its own device that indicated the entire order to a customer – z.B. [2] Vanilla Shake, [1] Large Fries, [3] BigMac — with digital keys and a button for each menu item. By pressing the [Grill] button, a second or third order could be processed while the first transaction was executed. If the customer was willing to pay, e.B. the [total] button calculates the bill, including VAT for almost all jurisdictions in the United States. This did so exactly for McDonald`s and very comfortable for the waiters, and made a check-out to the restaurateur for the amount that was to be in the checkout drawers. Up to eight devices have been connected to one of the two interconnected computers, so printed reports, prices and taxes can be processed from any desired device by placing them in Manager mode.

In addition to memory correcting errors, accuracy was improved by the fact that three copies of all important data with many numbers were stored only in the form of multiples of 3. If one computer breaks down, the other can process all the memory. The ability of a POS system to cancel a closed sales receipt for refund purposes without the need for a password from an authorized superior is also a security flaw.

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