Rv Park Rental Agreements

(2) If a tenant described in paragraph 1 of this section moves after the lease has ceased under THE landlord according to ORS 90.427 (rescission of the lease without tenant grounds) and if the lessor has not submitted the required written tenancy agreement prior to the start of the lease, the tenant may claim the tenant`s actual damage or double the periodic tenancy, depending on the highest value. This lease agreement is called owner at the ____day of `2013` between __Southridge RV Park, with its main office at 1425 Turtle Creek, Lufkin, Texas 75904, here referred to as owner, and (Lessee-Guest) here called Lessee. (1) If a lease agreement for the occupancy of a recreational vehicle in a residential park, mobile fleet or fleet of recreational vehicles, all within the meaning of ORS 197.492 (definitions of ORS 197.492 and 197.493), the lessor must submit a written rental contract for one month to a month, one week or a fixed-term lease. The tenancy agreement states: b) that any annex or building paid for or made available by the tenant is the responsibility of the tenant and is subject to the landlord`s request that the tenant remove the building or structure after the termination of the lease. Lease of the landlord to the landlord and tenant of Tel for the duration of this contract, RV Spot #_____ of the Southridge RV Park and below referred to as RV Spot (whether one or more) and under the following conditions: LESSEE: 14; 2011 about.42 € 1a] THIS ACCOMMODATION IS CLASSIFIED 24 HOURS OUT of 24 VIDEOSURVEILLANCE. THE EQUIPMENT USED SHOULD BE USEFUL FOR PROSECUTING OFFENCES AGAINST THIS OPERATION. (a) the lessor may, if necessary, terminate the tenancy agreement by the landlord according to ORS 90.427 (rescinding the lease without tenant reason) without reason in the event of a written termination of 30 or 60 days for one month or after 10 days of written termination for a week-to-week rent. WITNESS our signatures from the date and day first indicated. (3) If the occupancy does not meet the requirements of ORS 197.493 (placement and occupancy of a recreational vehicle) (1) for the exemption of placement and occupancy restrictions, and a public authority or local government requires the tenant to move as a result of non-compliance, the tenant may claim the actual damage of the tenant or double the periodic rent, if the value is higher. This subsection does not apply if the non-compliance was caused by the customer. (c) that the lease be subject to the requirements of ORS 197.493 (placement and occupancy of a recreational vehicle) (1) for the exemption of placement and occupancy restrictions.

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