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Service Agreement Dhhs

We found the lack of an integrated strategic risk assessment and management of DHHS service contracts. Other forms of risk-based monitoring of DHHS, such as risks identified by FOPMF. B, online monitoring and audits of home care providers are not taken into account in combination with risk classification results and are most often treated in isolation. This fragmentation increases the likelihood of inconsistent outcomes and the significant risks that the relevant department officers will neglect. Reducing the demand for acute services to deal with complex and chronic diseases Regardless of the argument, the target of 0.1 new cases offers no insight into the level of service. We found that performance indicators can also be inconsistent within an organization, as well as other associated data sets and performance measurement systems. The result is confusion between funded organizations and HHS about the level of service required. Chart 2C shows the differences between performance levels in different documents and systems for family violence support activities in a service contract. Monitors service levels, provides feedback and manages underperformance.

While both measures are directly relevant to the outcome of the system, “services are safe, quality and provide a positive experience,” they are not mandatory for all funded organizations that provide the corresponding service. Variations are often used for the growth of services or new services. They can also be used for other changes, for example. B for financing and performance objectives. The service contracts of the 12 selected subsidized organizations, which we examine in this audit, took into account variations: there were few differences in the answers to this question between staff-focused and health staff. However, there have been differences in the responses of DHHS departments: Figure 2J Survey – Organizations Assisted Question 8: To what extent is your organization able to meet all administrative and compliance requirements for service agreements? The exceptions for the various FOPMF requirements are not clear. As a result, it is difficult to ensure that exemptions are applied as intended, particularly when an organization is funded for several services for which exceptions may or may not be applicable. DHHS needs sufficient assurance to ensure that customers receive quality services in an appropriate, timely and effective manner.

This requires service agreements: for non-TDS activities, DHHS uses the data it collects from organizations funded under data collection requirements to monitor the provision of services. However, this monitoring is carried out at the national and local level and is intended only for strategic and operational reporting purposes to management and ministers. It is not designed to control performance at the level of the funded organization. This data collection also includes several data management systems and the frequency of data collection varies depending on the activity. This makes it difficult to collect and track performance data specific to a funded organization that is not subject to TDS. While some service standards for service agreements are explicitly included in the agreement itself, others are included in documents that are next to the agreements. For agencies that carry out a wide range of activities, the applicable standards can be extended. Organizations would benefit from the fact that DHHS clearly links the standards as part of the benefit agreement, so that the specific requirements for each funded activity are clear. Performance indicators are also highly results-oriented and do not focus on quality of service, nor are they clearly related to DHHS` desired service system results. Prior to the territorial changes, LEOs and program advisors from the 17 Victoria District Offices played a leading role in overseeing and managing service contracts with funded agencies.

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