Verizon Fios Expired Agreement

I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for about 6 years and my contract has expired for some time. My question is that I tried to update my services with a 2-year contract, and the price they offered me for the same existing services is $20 more? What the hell are you doing? The only reason I really want to upgrade is because of the new gigabyte service, and it`s even an extra $30 on top of the extra $20 for a 2-year contract. It`s twisted. Comcast offers a better deal that would save me over $100, not as fast as gigabyte service, but at 200Mbps speeds VS the 100Mbps I get just for a hell of a lot less. What`s wrong with this picture? Could someone give an overview of this topic? If not, I plan to change as soon as possible, because it`s **bleep**! Does it have an advantage to wait for the agreement to expire? Will Verizon instead offer a steeper discount if I`m a free agent and out of contract? Thoughts/experiences here? Thank you! Consumers can change their choice of service each month, whereas Verizon had previously offered one-year and two-year contracts for discounted introductory packages. This practice sowed consumer frustration because many wanted internets alone, but were forced to also buy home TV, or because the price of the service degenerated when the IPO contract expired, Verizon UVP Frank Boulben told the Wall Street Journal. I have a better scam. I left my triple-play offer last year for 4 months and decided to come back because the phone service that offers me a cheaper service in demand actually more. I went back to the triple game deal in January, but I`ve paid two bills a month in the last six months for about fifty dollars a month. I first complained in February and was informed about 6 times that the issue would be resolved in two billing cycles. Now I`ve received notice that I`m going to launch a new service for $200 a month: more than double what I paid last year: no acknowledgment that Verizon owes me a refund.

Changing my Verizon email address with my many contacts is a colossal pain, but incompetence like this makes Comcast get better and better….

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