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Wise Agreement

Participants can avoid falling into a win-lose mentality by focusing on common interests. If the interests of the parties are different, they should look for options in which these differences can be made compatible or even complementary. The key to coordinating different interests is to “search for items that are profitable for you and that are very beneficial to them, and vice versa.” [p. 79] Each party should try to make proposals that are attractive to the other party and that the other party would easily approve. To do this, it is important to identify decision makers and direct them directly to them. Proposals are easier to agree when they appear legitimate or if they are supported by precedents. Threats are generally less effective in motivating the agreement than advantageous offers. How to negotiate effectively and reach a sound agreement once you have identified a desirable outcome for both parties, you should make it a priority to identify the points. You may be concerned about conflict zones and you like to start negotiations, but it is really important to explicitly list the areas in which you both are happy to agree.

This will put both parties in a more positive frame and give you a foundation on which you can build. Negotiations take place as long as there are people. You could say it was just different to hit another caveman with a club. Over time, negotiations have become more nuanced, if not increasingly civil, have produced trade treaties and agreements, and resolved countless disputes. If the other party takes aggressive, intimidating or too dirty tricks, ask yourself if you really need to handle this. If possible, leave. For the rest, you have a number of options: often, negotiators will set a “lower line” to protect themselves from a bad deal. In the end, the party expects the worst acceptable result. Negotiators decide, ahead of the negotiations, to reject any proposal below that line. Fisher and Ury argued that they will not use. As the number of impers is set ahead of the discussions, the number may be arbitrary or unrealistic.

Signed a commitment to a rigid end result also hinders the inventiveness of creating options. Fisher and Ury state that a good agreement is smart and effective and improves relations between the parties. Smart agreements serve the interests of the parties and are fair and sustainable. The aim of the authors is to develop a method to obtain good agreements. Negotiations often take place in the form of position negotiations. In position negotiations, each party begins with its position on a subject.

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